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If you run an independent business in the licensed trade then The Licensees Association is your society. From pubs and bars, tied and freehouses, city centre bars, sports clubs, independent nightclubs and all other licensed environments we are here to help.

The Licensees Association is the professional trade association that understands your needs. From impartial advice through to genuine representation of your business from the trade body that only represents the small business interests and not the whole licensed trade we have your back and can lobby effectively on your behalf without compromise because we get it! The issues of the independent licensee are unique, and whilst there may be some cross over with brewers and large corporate business, there are also differences. It’s our goal to ensure you are properly represented so we have ensure the best results for you to allow you to drive your business forward knowing that those making decisions on our behalf are fully informed of the issues you face.

It’s all about being united

Running an independent business is hugely rewarding but it also has many challenges. Sometimes it can be a lonely place, at The Licensees Association we understand that. We want to ensure membership gives you access other members through our forum. Together there are no problems we cannot solve and the vast knowledge held within your peer group. Promoting best practice, ensuring our members maximise their professionalism and job satisfaction.

Membership also gives you access to our Trusted Trader scheme. No longer are you spending time sourcing the best suppliers and trying to negotiate the best price you can with very little leverage. We have done it all for you. Trusted Traders are vetted and are the very best in their relative areas. We have negotiated deals for you based on the weight of the membership. The buying power of all those independent businesses ensuring you get the best price and the best service. We guarantee we can save you the cost of your membership and doubtless much more. Let us do the leg work and you can take advantage of the deals whilst still reaping the other benefits of membership.

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