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The LA partners MAPAL to provide FREE re-opening tool kit

Free ROAD To RECOVERY Training 

We are sure you’re looking forward to throwing open your doors and welcoming people back into your venues. I know I am looking forward to finally being able to visit a pub again!

As part of the process of getting your teams ready to welcome guests back we are delighted to have teamed up with Mapal to bring you some free learning modules which you can share with your teams as part of the “Flow Learning Road to Recovery” process. It’s excellent training and won’t cost you a penny!

I am personally really excited about this as it heralds the start of our training partnership with Mapal which we will be bringing to you very shortly. I have always believed that training is an essential part of the professionalisation of our industry and I am determined to widen access to good quality training to everyone within our industry, to remove as many hurdles as is possible, and to ensure everyone from the part-time bartender to the Chief Executive buys into the benefits of training. 

This powerful toolkit of videos, tips and advice is available to our members by clicking here.

Go and have a look – have a play and pass it down through your organisations so that everyone can benefit from this really useful toolkit.