We could tell you how fantastic we are and how we are driven to give you the best advice and will never be hampered by having a big PubCo paying membership fees so that we would feel compromised on fighting the fight with you… or we could let others tell you what we do and how effective we are.

Although 45 years in the trade it is it is still good to have a experienced and knowledgeable point of view which you will get from Nick the membership is great value and we have made savings by using the recommended service providers.
The Harbar group 
Great value membership which includes trusted, independent advice which is invaluable when dealing with pubcos. Nick has always made himself available to consult and give advice when I have needed it.
Barley Mow
Great value membership from an organisation that is big enough to matter and small enough to care. Nick is on top & all over the full range of issues affecting licensees and seems always available to give his advice.
Ascot Inns
Nick at The Licensees Association has been extremely helpful, providing invaluable guidance in dealing with Pub Companies. Their independence means the advice is first rate and we regularly discuss issues with them knowing they have the knowledge and are genuinely on our side.
Pub People

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